With a demo account, you can start trading in financial markets without risking your money. It has much in common with a real account, but you can use only virtual money with it. It gives you a possibility to practice your skills and learn trading mechanisms. At the same time, it keeps you from real losses in case of a mistake. Trading on demo accounts became widespread along with online trading. Many famous gurus of financial trading began their careers by studying financial trading via demo accounts.

The list of the advantages of a demo account includes:

  • the possibility to make deals and develop the skills of risk management without losing your money;
  • the opportunity to test different trading strategies in a real trading environment;
  • the possibility to learn the characteristics of the foreign currency market and adapt your trading strategies to them.

It is easy to open a demo account and start working with it - it does not require any specialized knowledge. You can register a demo account by clicking on the button below and start your way to financial market success today! It is possible to open several training accounts to try various trading schemes.

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