Many people start their trading career by becoming traders in stock markets. Stocks are considered to be the cornerstone of the financial markets. As a trader gains experience, he realizes the great benefits of trading in futures. Usually, it doesn’t take long for the market participant to understand the profitable investment opportunities available in futures markets.

A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell an asset at a future date at an agreed price. However, the physical delivery of a product rarely happens. Trading in futures is often a speculative practice.

The advantages of trading in futures with GB Trade FX include:

  • low margin;
  • diversification of a portfolio and minimization of the risk of losses;
  • high leverage;
  • possibility to earn money quicker than in currency or commodity markets;
  • low execution costs;
  • recommendations of professional traders.

Our company offers you to trade in futures for various assets: currencies, securities, different commodities (industrial, food, textile products), energies, and stock indices. We provide access to MetaTrader 4 - a multifunctional trading platform with a wide range of tools for forecasting the prices of assets. If you lack experience in futures trading, you can open a demo account and master the trading basics without the use of real funds.

If you have any questions during the trading process, you can contact our support team at any time by email: [email protected].

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